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VidaXL Square Sail

VidaXL Square Sail

SKU: 009

Create a shaded area with this cream square sail.  As well as sheltering you from the sun, you will be shielded from light rain.  Heavy rain will come through the sail removing all risk of water ponding.


As part of our development of the Shady Spot range, we have tested a number of different sails from a variety of maunfacturers.  We are selling these sample sails to make space for new products.


Price includes vat.  Excludes delivery, but if purchased with a Shady Spot delivery will be included.


Made from 160 g/m2 mould and UV resistant HDPE, with reinforced edge seams and 35mm corner rings in 5mm thick stainless steel, and includes four 1.5m long PE ropes.


Dimensions = 3m x 3m

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