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Shady Spot, Double Lounge

Shady Spot, Double Lounge

SKU: 003

The Double Lounge setup has 2 square shades with a triangle sail layered above at the top.  Then add 6 triangle sails around the rear and sides to enclose your Shady Spot.  A beautiful setup for when the Single Lounge Shady Spot is just not big enough for you.


With the addition of the overhead and enclosing sails, the Double Lounge provides plenty of shade during the day and then reflects the fire and lantern light throughout the evening to create a cosy environment in which to relax and unwind.

This set up includes 2 square and 7 triangle sails, 6 reinforced poles all with fixing points at 2 heights, 6 twin guys and 2 single guys, 12 spiral ground anchors and 8 straight pegs.


Price includes vat & UK delivery.


Our breathable sails extend your time outdoors, sheltering you from the sun (95% UV block) and shielding you from light rain.  Heavy rain will come through the sail removing all risk of water ponding.  Made to a higher than usual standard they come with a 5 year guarantee.  205 gsm HDPE, with fully reinforced edge seams and 55mm welded corner rings in 8mm thick stainless steel.  Available in sand and graphite colours, square and equilateral triangle shape, 3m and 3.6m size options.


FSC certified northern European soft wood poles reinforced with architectural alloy grade 6063 aluminium.


The guys are made using polypropylene core jute rope for great appearance and handling combined with excellent strength.


Ground anchors are 450mm long spiral ground anchors made from 10mm steel and powder coated for longevity.


Steel pegs are 450mm long 8mm galvanized steel.

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