Full Coffee Set

Full Coffee Set

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Relive your most recent adventure or energise yourself for your next one with this vintage enamelware set.  Perfect for larger groups, this set comprises:


1 x 1.2 litre coffee pot, 

1 x 0.4 litre Turkish coffee pot,

4 x big mugs,

4 x espresso cups.


Available in black, claret (red), dove (blue), sage (pale green) and slate grey.


Hand-enamelled and fired to 800C, each piece has a long-lasting smooth surface, which is resistant to chipping, sticking, staining and scratching, and is dishwasher and oven safe, and suitable for all kinds of hobs.


Coffee pot = 12 cm x 22cm x 18cm (w x w inc handle & spout x h).  Weight = 630g


Turkish coffee pot = 10.2cm x 20.8cm x 9cm (w x w inc handle x h).  Weight = 195g


Espresso cup = 7cm x 9cm x 6cm (w x w inc handle x h), 6cm in height.  Weight = 90g


Large mug = 10.5 cm x 13cm x 8cm (w x w inc handle x h).  Weight =175g



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