Espresso Set

Espresso Set

Ideal for a couple of espresso lovers, this vintage enamelware set allows you to enjoy a freshly brewed espresso whilst relaxing after your latest adventure, or energising ready for your next one.  This set consists of:


1 x stove top espresso coffee percolator,

2 x espresso cups.


The percolator is made of aluminium, measures 20cm x 17cm (H x W) and weighs 429g. It is suitable for brewing on most hob types as well as over the camp fire. It is also dishwasher-safe.



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Measuring 7cm in diameter (9cm including the handle) and 6cm in height, and weighing only 90g the enamel espresso cups are available in black, claret (red), dove (blue), sage (pale green) and slate grey.  They are hand-enamelled and fired to 800C, giving each piece a long-lasting smooth surface, which is resistant to chipping, sticking, staining and scratching, is dishwasher and oven safe, and suitable for all kinds of hobs.