90cm Firepit

90cm Firepit

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With 3 swing-over grills, the 90cm Firepit allows a generous area for cooking over; perfect for larger families, social gatherings or simply to get creative with your catering skills!  The swing-over grills offer a combination of grill and solid hot plate cooking surfaces to give you full flexibility in your cooking options.  Once you have enjoyed your culinary masterpieces, you can remove the grills to relax in the warmth of the firepit late into the evening.  This firepit is supplied with a 100cm diameter flat table-top lid.  Not only does this prevent rainwater collecting in the base of your firepit, it also serves as an additional serving or presentation area for those occasions where you need another table.


Measuring 90cm in diameter and with a bowl depth of 23cm, the 90cm Firepit has a total height of 50cm (including the stand).  Made from 3mm thick steel, this firepit weighs approximately 42kg.


All our firepits, grills, lids and accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish.  This will not affect their long-term durability.


This firepit is ready to deliver while stock lasts.  Then standard leadtime for pre-order is 4 -6 weeks, as each firepit is made to order.